National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)


The N.S.S. activities are part and parcel of the college education to fulfill the objective of holistic education. Through these activities the participants directly work for the cause of community and nation. At the same time their personality is developed as they come across with real life experiences and situations. Thus, the institute attains the goal of transforming the volunteers of N.S.S. into responsible citizens of the nation. N.S.S. unit adopts a nearby village in order to spread intellectual awareness and value of education, among villagers.

N.S.S. had been introduced in the year 1969 by the Government of India with the purpose of inculcating the spirit of social responsibility, consciousness; self motivated discipline and respect towards labor among the students of higher education. Student should utilize his/her leisure for the service of society and for the completion of his education, come across with the real life situations so that his/her personality can develop.

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