Department Name    URDU

Department Profile:

In the year of 2001 Established the U.G.URDU Departement

HOD Desk

Year of establishment:- U.G.2001

Name of the HoD:-

Area of Specialization:-

Number of faculty:-1

Department Faculty

S.No Name Qualification Designation Specialization Exp
1 Akbar ali M.A.,Ph.D Guest Faculty Urdu 10  Years

Strenth:-1-Urdu is a good language.Hindi Writers also use urdu words to make thar effective and meaningful.The government also encourages use urdu.

Weakness:-1-There is no regular fuculty of urdu. A very few Students choose the subject

Future Plan:-1-We are trying to inspire students to opt for the subject An attempt is bring made for regular appointment in the subject To start P.G. Classes in urdu.