Department Name     Economics

Department Profile:

In the year of 1958 Established the U.G.Economics Departement & year of 1977 Established P.G. Economics Departement

HOD Desk:- Dr. Lalita Barge (Professor)

Year of establishment:- U.G.1958,P.G.1977

Name of the HoD:- Dr.Lalita Barge

Area of Specialization:- Micro,Macro Instruction

Number of faculty:-3

Department Faculty

S.No Name Qualification Designation Specialization Exp
1 Dr.R.S.Devda M.A.,Ph.D Prof. Micro ,Macro Instruction 36
2 Dr.Lalita Barge M.A.,M.Phil,Ph.d Asst .Prof. Micro ,Macro Instruction 31
3 Shree Mandan Murari Prajapati M.A.  Guest Faculty              02

Strenth:-1-There are well qualified professor in the department

Weakness:-1-The Student are week in the mathematics to understand statistics .

Future Plan:-1-To establish M.Phil. Classes To establish research centre for student coming from rural area in future.