Mission Vission Strength Weakness

Our Vision

·         To inculcate a macro vision in students .

·         To bring sublimity in the personality of the students to be a good human being .

·         To teach the students to be self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-respecting for a nation facing reformation.

·         To motivate students to arise above hated and gloom.

·         To encourage students to face many challenges on the path of their goal, be it at academic, physical, social or family level, and to continue efforts.

·         To train the students to be their own judge and police with freedom but it does not mean that they are free to do any right or wrong as per their likes. They should use their freedom judiciously.

·         To teach the students live in a disciplined, organized and highly encouraging environment.

·         To visualize the institute as the best centre for development and application of knowledge contributing to modern nation.

Our Mission

  • The carriage of curriculum regularly with basic concepts of the subjects opted by the students.
  • To provide platforms to the students for the utmost utilization of their potential in academic programmes, sports, cultural activities, and other events.
  • To teach the students the significance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in a composite development of their personality.
  • To provide facilities to the students to face the challenges of the competitive world.
  • To inculcate values like social equality, justice, fraternity and self-help amongst the students.
  • At large, the motto is to teach the students that transition from the school milieu to college milieu is a new turning-point for a progressive and successful life.

Our Strength

  • The College is located in the heart of city which facilitates the students an easy &  convenient access and provides security to girls.
  • Well lit and airy classrooms.
  • Well secured campus with C.C.T.V surveillance and security guards.
  • fresh, clean and cool drinking water supply in all the blocks of the college.
  • One generator and one inverter in the college.
  • A Big playground for sports activities.
  • Well equipped computer labs along with a language lab.
  • One active N.C.C and two N.S.S units.
  • A beautiful garden in the college.
  • One culture hall, one seminar hall and a leading room.
  • Parking facility for students and teachers.
  • A canteen in the college.
  • Yoga periods for students with free consultancy.
  • The college is well equipped Wi-Fi facility.

Our Weakness

Insufficient staff as the number of students has alarmingly increased in the last few years.

  • Post of librarian is lying vacant.
  • Post of sports officer is lying vacant.
  • Post of registrar is lying vacant.
  • Post of Head-clerk is lying vacant.
  • Post of Accountant is lying vacant.
  • The college suffers from a space crunch as the numbers of students are increasing day by
  • Alumni still going weak in terms of ratio compared to the number of years of establishment
    of the college.
  • Limitation in placements, job opportunities and industry based consultancy.